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Reasons to Go for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone hormone is responsible for the masculine characteristics like deep voice, facial hair, large muscles and generally distinguishes men from women. However, the level of testosterone hormone production in the body normally begin to fall when males reach a certain age in life. Improved libido, increased muscle mass and bone density and improved red blood cells count are some of the benefits that you can gain if you attend a testosterone replacement therapy if you are struggling with low levels of the hormone. Discussed in this article are the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

Men who are struggling with low testosterone hormone levels have been seen to experience weight lose when they begin attending testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy has been known to yield favorable results when it comes to reversing low testosterone levels like sexual dysfunction an low libido. A bigger urinary track bladder reduces the constant urge to empty it since it accommodates more waste which makes the daily life a little easier and it can be achieved through testosterone replacement therapy.

Studies on the effects of testosterone replacement therapy has shown that it has positive effects on the mood especially in older men struggling with low testosterone hormone levels. There is evidence to support a strong relation between testosterone levels and cognitive abilities such as mathematical reasoning. The fat mass of a person struggling with low testosterone is often high while the body mass is low, testosterone replacement therapy reduces the at mass while increasing the lean body mass leading to improved overall body composition.

Initially, cardiovascular health issues were majorly associated with old age, or people suffering from other conditions like diabetes but studies have shown that low testosterone levels in the body places a man at a high risk of developing these cardiovascular conditions. The benefits of testosterone hormone are numerous on cardiovascular function of the body one being I keeps the blood pressure low, something that is an issue in men with low testosterone hormone levels. Low testosterone hormone levels in the body results in low hemoglobin concentration in blood which results in anemia.

Testosterone replacement therapy has been known to have an effect on the factors that cause diabetes such as central obesity by increasing the levels of this hormone in the body. Testosterone replacement therapy improves the sleeping pattern of an individual suffering from low levels. Studies have shown that as men get older, the testosterone hormone levels tend to decrease leading to people complaining of fatigue and irritability. Low testosterone levels do not only affect a person’s sexual health but their overall health, hence the reasons to try testosterone replacement therapy.
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